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Promoting and proposing sustainable catering has always been one of our restaurant’s and of Franco Aliberti’s primary objectives. Together with Fipe – Italian Federation of Public Exercises – our chef has devised a set of guidelines with some good anti-waste advice. This philosophy distinguishes our chef’s cuisine, in which circularity and use of humble raw materials are constant protagonists.

If reducing waste seems complicated and expensive, these ten practical suggestions from the chef will change your mind. The Decalogue, in fact, is meant to be a tool aimed at families to sensitize citizens and educate them to reuse food in the kitchen throughout the year: a set of concrete and accessible indications, which if applied will contribute to rationalizing consumption.

The Decalogue with the anti-waste advice of chef Franco Aliberti:

1. Your unsalted cooking water for legumes, once cooled, can be whipped and transformed into exquisite meringues.

2. Broccoli stalks, if cooked, can be used as a carpaccio or as a crunchy part of a dish.

3. The pods of broad beans or peas can be extracted and the juice obtained can be added to a drink, or they can be used to prepare colored pastry, battered and then fried.

4. The skins of some varieties of pumpkin are very tasty if cooked in the oven.

5. The green parts of the leek, the skins of the potatoes and the outer layer of the onion can be toasted in the oven and then used to flavour broths.

6. Overripe fruit can be used to make vinegar.

7. The skin of the watermelon and its white part can be marinated and used in place of a cucumber, or made jam.

8. If the fruit is not consumed in time, it can be frozen and turned into granita or sorbet, also it is possible to produce fruit-flavored ice.

9. Tomato skins are very tasty if fried or reduced to powder, to give your dishes even more flavour.

10. If you have an excess of aromatic herbs, you can dry them before they wither, then store them in glass jars and use them whenever necessary.

Download the Decalogue here in PDF

For the occasion, the situation has been analyzed exactly three years after the entry into force of Law 166 against food waste. Congresswoman Maria Chiara Gadda offered positive words: “The antisprechi law is three years old and has worked well because it provides operational tools, simplified procedures and facilitated taxation. For this reason the model has been extended, in addition to food and drugs, to other products that are important for families such as hygiene or stationery products, and the latest development is the addition of books “.

It’s a good starting point to think about, if you too want to contribute to making a difference.

Soon we will publish some anti-waste recipes: keep following us!