The expressive power of the sculpture-dishes created by Franco Aliberti

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The inventiveness of our chef Franco Aliberti is appreciated not only through his ideas in the kitchen, but also through hi all-round thoughts that embrace the shapes and forms of design.
Inspired by the vegetable ingredients that he is constantly handling, Franco began to design and produce the dishes of the restaurant autonomously. The idea is to involve guests in a sensory experience with a high creative content, from the table to the mouth.
As Marchesi taught, the search for good goes hand in hand with that of beauty. So here is the first collection of sculpture-dishes that takes the vegetable and vegetable nudes as a model. His works have a purposedly white and pure look that simply enhances the perfection of Mother Nature.
Examples include the welcome dish with broccoli stalks, the butter dish shaped like a slice of bread, the plate on which the snails are served, made with cabbage leaves, the panettoncino dish, the tram rails that accompany the petit fours and the cork stoppers.
With the Salone del Mobile exhibition approaching, the chef will produce a capsule collection with a strictly seasonal vegetable theme: 50 pieces in limited edition that can be purchased directly at the restaurant by reservation.
But how are these creations made? The chef uses pure raw materials, vegetables, and processes is along with ceramic powder through the help of a thermal printer specially adapted to the world of cooking.
If you are curious to experience a tactile path that amplifies the senses and the pure taste of the individual ingredients, come to us for lunch or dinner! We promise you a rewarding and sustainable immersion in the most authentic flavors.


Foto: Paolo Picciotto