The art and the aesthetics of Dario Pisani are on Lusso Style

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Dario Pisani Lusso Style

The November issue of the monthly magazine Lusso Style made a wonderful news report that we wish to share with you. Our chef Dario Pisani tells the story of how his passion for cooking began in Naples, back when he helped prepare the family meals and wandered with his father among the stands of the fish market.
Then came the professional formation and lots of field experience with three exceptional mentors: Crippa, Cracco and Marchesi.
Today, working at Tre Cristi Milano the chef distinguishes himself by his cassic style, which is unmistakeable in its rigour, polish and simplicity.
Also, find out what he thinks about talent shows and what kind of talents a young chef like him is supposed to have.
25 years old, with an endless desire to soar high in the firmament of high cuisine.

Article in Lusso Style N53 Novembre-2017