Our summer menu: ethics, sustainability and care for the land

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Sustainability is a topic that is particularly discussed today, but what happens when this idea enters the kitchen of a restaurant and becomes its driving force? If you want to find out, you just have to stop by our restaurant. The new menu follows the “100 percent” philosophy of chef Franco Aliberti, according to which you can create refined dishes even just using a single ingredient and the appropriate techniques. An intention that sounds almost like a provocation, a wish to make the ingredients the undisputed protagonists of the kitchen, in an anti-waste and recovery perspective of the less noble parts of all products. Among the most representative 100% dishes you will find 100% Pomodoro, which is a San Marzano tomato cooked on the grill whereby the heart turns into cream and the skins are used to make a perfumed broth, and 100% Zucchini, which is a half striped pen obtained from the stem of the courgette plant, together with its leaves and zucchini cream.

And yet, the Tre Cristi Milano is not just sustainability, but also scrupulous attention to the environment, which becomes tangible in the desire to reduce the use of plastic. For this reason, chef Aliberti wanted to include an ad hoc dessert, the “No Planet B” which is a mint ice lolly with lemon cream, biscuit powder and sugar sheets. It’s a dessert to reflect on the plastic that every day ends up in the food we eat, as well as an invitation to become aware of doing our part.

If like us you support the importance of these issues, we are waiting for you at the restaurant. The new menu also offers something extra: it wants to be democratic and accessible to everyone. Because of this, on the à la carte menu you will find two new proposals: the 2-course menu (including appetizer or first or second course and dessert) at a price of 40 €, while the 3-course menu (appetizer or first course, second course and dessert) is available at the price of 60 €.

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