Our commitment to World Environment Day

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Il nostro impegno per la giornata mondiale dell'ambiente

On June 5, the whole world celebrates World Environment Day. It was 1974 when the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed this celebration: the goal, today as then, is to make the population aware of the importance of protecting our planet.
We wished to do our part to protect the environment and encourage a sustainable use of resources, thus we have chosen to eliminate disposable plastic from our restaurant for the benefit of more durable dishes and containers.
We are convinced that good intentions are not enough to be virtuous: concrete gestures are needed, because the fight against climate change is a pressing priority.
Here are some examples of how some simple habits can positively affect ecology:

  • we have removed from our restaurant the half-liter bottles of water used by our staff and thus saved 180 bottles a month
  • we have abolished plastic cups for internal use, thus saving about 230 cups per month

This is a first small step and the start of a new awareness as we get closer to the 2021 deadline, the date by which the European Union will ban disposable plastic.
If you share this green mission come and visit us: you will discover all the taste of a more ethical and sustainable kitchen, far from wastefulness and able to enhance the ingredients in each and every part.