Limited-edition for the Tre Cristi Milano handmade panettone

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At Tre Cristi Milano we are in full swing for Christmas. Our new executive chef, Franco Aliberti, has a sweet heart and this is one of the times of the year he prefers.
To celebrate, he has created an exquisite limited edition handmade panettone. Hurry up and book yours: it is on sale only at the restaurant, 50 pieces are available, the cost is 30 euros per 1 kg weight.
Here are some tasty previews that will make your mouth water.
Our version of the Milanese holiday cake is the result of a long natural leavening process, the dough remains moistened by lots of homemade candied fruit and contains a low percentage of sugars.
The real gem is the butter: raw milk from Alpine brown cows, capable of releasing a truly inviting scent.
Trust Franco Aliberti’s mastery as a pastry chef and visit us soon to take home a panettone that tastes like Christmas.

panettone tre cristi milano