Invitation to the exhibit Portraits on paper: when gourmet cuisine marries food photography

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invito ritratti su carta
Tre Cristi Milano restaurant will become an art gallery for two weeks. From May 3 to 17 we are inviting you to visit the photo exhibit Portraits on paper, a project by Francesca Moscheni. The Venetian, yet naturalised Milanese photographer is the protagonist of a cultural experience of emotional value that beautifully intertwines with Dario Pisani’s gourmet cuisine.
Armed with her passion for the world of food, her marked creativity and the acute irony that accompanies her vision, the artist is staging some still life works of food with grace and finesse, so much so that they appear to be as expressive as people. The treatment done on the paper gives the works a precious 3D effect.

On the inaugural evening, May 3, Moscheni is going to talk with Roberto Mutti, photographic critic, and Laura Maragliano, director of Cucina Moderna.
Dario Pisani will delight you with a gourmet menu to savour while standing, accompanied by the biodynamic wines of Tenuta Mara.

The price per person for the event is 35 euros.

Here is the preview:

Welcoming canapés
Knife-cut beef tartare with anchovy, sour cream and marinated egg yolk Risotto with aubergine cream, baked cherry tomatoes and buffalo milk sauce Gianduia, hazelnut and chocolate

The exhibit will remain freely open to the public until May 17, following the restaurant’s usual schedule.

We are waiting for you!