Excellence and accessibility: a completely new and winning formula

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The cuisine of our restaurant is attentive, refined and elegant, but this does not make it any less accessible. On our dynamic and highly seasonal menu, you can choose between two more convenient options, which will allow you to experience our idea of eco-sustainable and environmentally-friendly catering.
The two proposals you will find on the menu are the following:
2 courses at € 35: starter or first or second course and dessert;
3 courses at € 50: appetizer or first course, second course and dessert.
The dishes that you will be offered have their own precise identity since they are the result of carefully studied choices, closely linked to the seasons. Take a look at the new menu.
Furthermore, the “100% ingredient” philosophy of chef Franco Aliberti continues to find application and is further refined; according to its principles it is possible to create refined dishes using all the parts of the raw materials together with the most appropriate techniques.
With the new proposals you will thus have the opportunity to get closer to a cuisine that is both refined and ethical, wishing to reach the hearts and palates of many.

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