Cocciapazza 2014, Torre dei Beati

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 Cocciapazza ottobre

Cocciapazza 2014, Torre dei Beati – Loreto Aprutino (PE)

“I don’t know if everybody understood, October, your deep beauty: in the wide vats you prepare must and inebriation… across my mountains, unhinged clouds dash off like sad birds, across my copper-coloured mountains low clouds stir and smoke”.

You could hardly find better words than Francesco Guccini’s to describe the essence of this month: we slowly get closer to the frosty coziness of winter, but we still stroll around gloomily, our gaze fixated on golden dusks and the colorful games of the autumn leaves.
While amidst the rows of the vineyards people get their hands dirty to harvest the fruit of an entire year of labour, in the city the evening falls without warning and soon we end up sitting around the table with family and friends.
This is the soul of the cold season: coming together. In the fields, in our homes, between friends, in the restaurant, in the chalet… we love reuniting and laughing as the fireplace warms us. Here in Italy, of course, a good dinner in our plate and a wonderful chalice of wine are reasons to celebrate in and of themselves. Conviviality is our bread and butter and October is almost a stage for the rehearsal of the great dinners of the winter to come.
This is why I wish to share with you a label that catches the spirit of this sociability… one that you can bring to your next gathering with friends: a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC, Cocciapazza 2014 of Torre dei Beati.

The company was founded in 1999, restoring the vineyard that had been the true passion of the father, Rocco, highlighting the inescapable bond between good and genuine. The vineyard was thus converted to biological winemaking and in the year 2000 the first bottle of Montepulciano was sold, with great care taken into letting the native qualities of this vine variety shine. The name of the company is closely connected to this concept: it actually derives from a detail of a large fresco of the Fifteenth Century, painted in the local church of Santa Maria in Piano. In the precious portrait of the Judgment, the “tower of the blessed ones” represents the final goal toward which, through great strife and hard trials, the souls of the recently dead try to move. This reveals the focus: hard work, searching, care, commitment, and time… to give your land a voice.

Thus, in Loreto Aprutino, Cocciapazza was born. A name that comes from the piece of land owned by the family, and a proof of how deeply it belongs to this area, which is so dedicated to agriculture: 25 km from the Adriatic Sea, upon the hills before the Gran Sasso slope; hot winds coming from the sea in the day, cold descending from the mountains by night. Starting from the scalar grape gathering to the maceration up to the 20 months-long aging in caskets, you can feel the caring hand of people who love their job. The result could hardly be more satisfying: the dense, rich ruby color is enough to let you foretaste the strong nose and the full, voluptuous sip. The aroma is typical of Montepulciano, a wonderfully flavoursome red fruit, vertical dry spices, a balsamic ending and a slight roasted hint. On the palate you can feel its volume, the tannic yet mature flavour and the wonderful persistence.

I always get thirsty when I talk about wine… lucky me, I have a cellar filled with Cocciapazza and at least five people with whom I can share it. I can uncork another bottle, but you better hurry… we are waiting for you at Tre Cristi Milano.

Ogni Mese Monica Angeli, esperta di vini del ristorante Tre Cristi Milano, ci racconta la storia di un vino che l’ha entusiasmata. Scopriamo insieme persone, aziende, territori e suggestioni che ci arricchiscono di una cultura millenaria in bilico tra natura e genialità umana.