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I Tre Cristi di Milano punta tutto sui giovani


In the Porta Nuova Varesine neighbourhood, you can sample a concentrate of the cuisine of Enrico Crippa from Piazza Duomo di Alba, the three Michelin-starred chef who shared his attention to the aesthetic value of dishes to the restaurant’s chef; or try a dish by Carlo Cracco, from whom Dario Pisani learned the rigour and respect of teamwork. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for something traditional? Then taste something from Gualtiero Marchesi, with whom the chef worked at the restaurant of the same name under the porticos of the Teatro alla Scala, and who taught him the importance of ingredients and the refined essence of the dishes. But today, Dario Pisani adds his own name to the elite of Italian cuisine, earning a position of honour among the emerging chefs of 2017.

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