Ancient flavours are trending again

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Veal gristle, snails, frogs, liver, sea urchins. Some ingredients and flavours that seem to have been suspended in time are now returning to the limelight even in gourmet menus. Dario Pisani promotes this rediscovery, the result of a patient work of research and recovery done with love.
In the new tasting itinerary Sapori dimenticati, the chef of Tre Cristi Milano has chosen to embrace different typical Lombard products, those that come from the nearby countryside, and mix them with the intense flavours of the sea that are dear to him.
In 2015, Expo was the forerunner of this journey into collective memory and Italian regional identity. Together with the desire to enhance a way of eating more natural and in harmony with the environment, the chef took up the challenge and gave life to this pleasant experience.

Veal gristle, sea urchins and candied grapefruit
Escargot, aioli sauce and grains of black olives
Hazelnut butter, frogs and parsley sauce risotto
Venetian-style veal liver
The “seadas”

€ 80,00 per person
€ 115,00 per person with matched wines

The menu is served for dinner starting from March 4th. The price is 80 euros per person excluding wines, or 115 euros with matching wines.
If you are an eclectic person and you love to indulge yourself with every kind of flavour at the table, come and visit us to enjoy some delicacies of the Bel Paese.