Among the best of Italy, in the 2018 L’Espresso Guide

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On October 19th, in Florence, a memorable scene happened for us of Tre Cristi Milano.
At the Leopolda station was held the introduction of the Guida Ristoranti d’Italia de L’Espresso 2018. We are mentioned with a flattering review in the fourtieth edition of that volume, which awards approximately 2,000 businesses considered to be the best of Italian cuisine. We love especially the idea of being considered representative of a piece of the “capital of taste” Milan, a corner of lively and interesting cuisine which the Guide explains. In truth, the spirit of the Tre Cristi profile could not have been a more faithful reflection of our passionate work. The “thoroughbred” Dario Pisani follows the noblest culinary tradition, making it his own through a refined experimentation that is as original as it is reassuring. The service is praised as well, as “precise and diligent”.
Below you can find the full article, have a pleasant reading.

Guida l'Espresso 2018