According to Marie Claire, we are “the Milanese address for demanding foodies”

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We like to have people taste our cuisine and get a chance to explain to guests the idea of hospitality that inspires us. It was late July when such an occasion knocked on our door: Danilo Ascani, a food and beverage journalist writing for Marie Claire, came to visit us. His gourmet experience is recounted in a beautiful article that we are sharing.

If you want to read it, you will find his comments on a selection of signature dishes that have become the staple of our locale. Let us mention a couple here, to entice you: Smoked risotto with Mazara del Vallo prawns, Sirloin of Iberian lamb baked in the oven with aubergines, cedar and mint and, last but not least, Tiramisu “the way I like it”. Our thanks to Danilo Ascani for this flattering reportage. We are proud that the “flavors and courtesies” that nourish our sophisticated style of catering can surprise even the most experienced palates.